Coffee beans and tea leaf


coffee beans and tea leaf, Happiness is having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. We would like to start asking you this simple question, Tea or coffee which one is your favorite? Whatever your answer is we know that many tea or coffee connoisseurs love tea or coffee. Coffee beans and tea leaf is important when we talk about this topic. Therefore, we are going to touch every aspect of coffee beans and tea leaves under this article. We know that you are eager to hear more about your favourite beverage. 

So, let us start!

What are coffee beans and tea leaf?

First of all; let us identify what is coffee beans. 

The seed of the coffee plant is known as the coffee bean. Though they are seeds, we call them beans just because they have a similarity to the actual beans we know. The coffee cherries or berries come with two seeds where their flat sides are attached but few others contain only one seed. These unordinary cherries are known as peaberry. It is believed that these seeds are tasty than the ordinary ones as they occur only 10% to 15% of the time.

It is a famous beverage that is consumed by many people around the world which made it one of the main export items in most of the countries by being a cash crop. Arabica and the Robusta are the main varieties of the coffee plant that has to grab the attraction of most of the people and this has brought an economical value to this plant. 

What is tea leaf?

Tea is the leaf taken from the tea plant which is also known as “Camellia sinensis”. There are two varieties of this plant that are grown by the modern planters. However, there are also various types of beverages that are produced by using tea leaves. This was first found in China and then it was spread and distributed to the whole world. And today it has become a beverage that is famous and well known in almost all the countries in the world. Many countries like Sri Lanka export tea and it has become one of their main income sources to the country.


  • The basic difference between coffee and tea is that coffee is made out of coffee beans and tea is made out of tea leaves. Whereas the coffee seeds are used to make coffee but tea leaves are used to make tea. 
  • Coffee was originated in ninth century AD but tea was originated in 2737 BC.
  • The place of origin of coffee is Ethiopia and Yemen but of tea are Yunnan of China, the Indian state of Assam and northern Myanmar.
  • Coffee taste depends only on brewing but tea taste depends not only on
  • brewing but also on the flavours added to it. As an example, ginger, cardamom, pepper, and lemon.
  • Coffee contains a high percentage of caffeine around 80-185 mg per ounce cup but tea contains only 15- 70 mg per cup.
  • The largest producers of coffee are Brazil, Indonesia, and India but tea is India, China, and Kenya.
  • The largest consumers of coffee are the USA but of tea are India, China, Japan, and the UK.
  • Tea contains tannin and catechin that can prevent cancer but coffee contains nothing that can fight with diseases.

Coffee processing

The coffee processing is done by handpicking where they do selective picking to choose only the ripe fruit. Here they do the “operation cherry red” to do specification in selecting the best fruits among them. However, two techniques are used in processing. Given below are those two:

  1. Wet/ washed processing method.

This was carried out in Central America and Africa. The flesh part of the cherries is taken out from the fruit and they are soaked inside the water to two days. This unstiffens the mucilage and then that will be washed away with water. 

  1.  Dry processing method.

This is the other method used in processing. This is a cheap and simple technique; therefore, this is used basically in low-quality bean industries in Brazil and Africa. But today this method has developed and it brings a good result when it is done well. Twigs and other particles are separated from the fruit and then it is dried in strong sunlight for two or three weeks on a block of concrete or bricks.

Tea processing

There are various categories in tea processing. Some are given below:

  • White: There are soft and not oxidized
  • Yellow: this type is unwilted and not oxidized but allowed the leaf to turn into yellow.
  • Green: these leaves are not soft and not rusted.
  • Oolong:  they are wilted, bruised, and semi-oxidized.
  • Black:  this type is also wilted and they are crushed occasionally, and fully oxidized and this is basically known as red tea.
  • Post-fermented (Dark): this type is what we use as black tea, where the green tea is allowed to ferment or compost.

What is coffee roasting?

The transformation process of physical and chemical substances of green coffee beans into roasted coffee is known as coffee roasting. It is by this process that the coffee gets its characteristic flavor to differ from various brands. The roasting process makes the coffee takes tastes accordingly.

At first, this was done in thin metal pans but today it is done in large scale industries. And in the modern world, it has become a beverage that boosts the energy of the people and most of them cannot start their day without a coffee. After all instant coffee has won the hearts of the consumers and in the top list of daily selling products.

The coffee bean and tea leaf shop

Coffee bean Tea Leaf Cups

Coffee beans and tea leaf : This is an American coffee chain that was founded in 1963. This is body belongs to International Coffee & Tea, LLC. All operations related to it are carried by the same body which has its headquarters in Los Angeles in California.

As of 2017 it has been developed and expanded whereas it possesses over 1000 self-owned and franchised stores in the US and 31 other countries. You can log into coffeebean . This restaurant is well known for its original ice blended coffee and tea, hot coffee, hot and iced tea. It also deals with coffee beans, tea leaves, flavored powders, and baked products.

Winding Up…

Under this article, we have explained and brought a detailed picture of the coffee bean and tea leaf. However, this beverage is a really good one and also this is a good industry that brings economic benefit to a country. So, if you have not tried a tea or a coffee, why not run to the nearest store to give a new experience to your taste buds. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with others and let them know about this magical beverage that can boost one’s energy and also say Bye- Bye for sleepy and tired days. 

This industry not only gives new experience each and every time you drink it but also helps your country economically. Next time when you drink it, you will definitely remember about its processing and roasting which will make you have your beverage not just with taste but also with knowledge. So try your first cup and share your experience. 

Don’t forget to wake with something special from today. 

Coffee/tea First! 

Everything else second!

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