How much coffee in French press


How much coffee in French press : There are people who consider their drinks so special, that they literally worship what they drink. There are the alcohol drinkers, wine drinkers, the addicts and then the COFFEE DRINKERS!!! I am most importantly included in the coffee drinking club and am more like, “Please do not talk to me until I have my coffee” kind of person. Therefore, as someone who could simply marry a cup of coffee, I know how important it is to get that perfect taste.

That perfect aroma. That perfect smell. It is not just a cup with something to drink. If you are someone just like me, I am sure that you understand what it means. So, as more of a responsibility, I am writing this article, so that you will be able to know the exact amount on how much coffee in French press is needed to get the perfect cup and the perfect taste.

So, in this article, you will get nothing lacking because this will cover exactly everything that you need to know when it comes to preparing that excellent taste French press cup of coffee, just the way you like it.

Well, therefore, without taking more time we shall now start with the proper planning.

What is the recipe instruction on how much coffee in French press is needed?

In here, we shall bring you the recipe for two mugs of coffee. If you are using a four-cup French press, you will need 27g or about 5 tablespoons of coffee would be needed.

If you only want a single cup of coffee you would not need more than 2 to 3 tablespoons of coffee beans. This will bring the most important fresh taste and the smell to your coffee cup in the perfect manner. This will also allow you to taste the best cup with a first – hand experience.

For a single cup along with that, you will need around 275mL of water along with some additional water for preheating.


Here are the nominal amounts that you need to know:

  • For a single cup: as you already know, 17 grams, or 2- 3 tablespoons of coffee with about 275 mL of water.
  • For two cups: 27 grams, or 4 – 5 tablespoons of coffee with around 430 mL of water.
  • For three cups: 54 grams, or 8 to 10 tablespoons of coffee along with 860 mL of water.

Here is the recipe,

  • Preheat your press with water.
  • Measure the amount of coffee that you will need.
  • Tip your coffee into the press and you can shake it in order to level the bottom.
  • Start the timer, and add water to the press. Make sure that you use a circular motion to get this done because then you will not be harming the level of the bottom and will get to make proper use of all the coffee.
  • When the press is filled somewhere around half of it, you should stop pouring water.
  • If you have some time, and if you really feel like doing it, smell the aroma. You will definitely love it. Well, hey you got around half a minute to do that.
  • After 30 seconds, start stirring the coffee. Move your hand gently in a circular motion to one direction. Try not to spill it or over mix it.
  • After stirring, add more water to the top of the mix and close the lid, letting it set. If you are using a scale your altogether mix should weigh around 400g.
  • Then you will have to wait for another 4 minutes, actually until your reader reads 4.00 is enough. This might be the longest waiting time that you have to go through depending on how much you are craving to taste it.
  • As soon as the reader comes to 4.00 you should pour the coffee to a cup. If not, I should warn you that you will be drinking an over-extracted cup, and then the taste will never be the same.
  • Now, enjoy it as much as you want.

A few of the most important precautionary methods that you should follow in order to keep the best taste.

  • First of all, you need to have a properly cleaned French press in order to make sure that your coffee does not taste stale. It will simply ruin the flavor and will feel bitterer, and I warn you, this is something that many people forget and then later complain about. It is all about the cleanliness about what you use.
  • It is highly recommended to grinding before brewing in order to save the taste and the smell.
  • You could try using a scale – not compulsory – but you definitely could try using one. This will take the rough estimations out of your coffee cup and allow you to taste that perfect drink in the most excellent and quality manner possible.
  • Try to use the best equipment possible. They need to not be the most expensive and elegant ones that you might find in the market. I am suggesting more of a regularly washed and dried, cleaned and taken care of equipment. It is not much to do, but the results will definitely blow your mind.

Why is the French press the best?


This is the best because it is smooth, rich and most especially indulgent. It is pretty good with some French… snacks? Well, try them with a croissant or a fluffy Suzette and you will definitely realize that you are down on a trip to paradise country – sipping a coffee under the Eiffel tower while talking reading a book in a very French manner…

Yes, that is exactly why you should follow each and everything that is mentioned, because only then will you be able to get that perfect taste experience.

No other type of coffee tastes the same and feels the same, and therefore many people who love to drink coffee – like me – prefer this over anything. Though it takes a little more time than a normal coffee, I guarantee that the wait is absolutely worth it and you will probably thank me later!

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