Is coffee bad for you?


Is coffee bad for you, Around the world for many people coffee is a favourite despite their ages. They use it mainly to boost their metabolism, but they are unaware about the danger that they put their lives on. Regardless of small good impacts and the great taste, let us look deeply into this misery Coffee. What do you think?  Is coffee bad for you? Dig up the following post so that you will be able to find out the best answer.

Why bad?

The main active compound in coffee is the stimulant caffeine. Therefore, it increases and interferes with the brain functions on, metabolic rate, performances of a normal individual significantly in their daily routine. Simply it is an external factor; which your normal health doesn’t need. So, you are directing your body for a path that you like but actually discomfort your body.

Actually, speaking this compound caffeine plays the main role of bad action of coffee.

What is caffeine?


It is a drug in simple terms which act on the central nervous system of a person. Then to the heart, muscles, and to the centres that control blood pressure. Therefore, it increases the blood pressure at that very point. But here the regular coffee drinkers are unaffected as their blood pressure remains elevated due to their habit. Also, caffeine remains around 8-10 hours in our blood stream.

Caffeine is found in numerous phases in the market but the most popular is with coffee.

Caffeine in coffee

In here we have to look in to coffee science. The amount of caffeine in coffee depends on the type of coffee you choose! For a regular single shot cup, the amount varies as follows,

  • Brewed coffee – 95 mg
  • Espresso – 53 mg
  • Americanos -63 mg
  • La es -63 mg 
  • Macchiatos -63 mg
  • Instant coffee – 30-90 mg
  • Decaf coffee – 3 mg

(But these amounts are usually higher in commercial coffee brands.)

As per the scientists the maximum amount of caffeine is in the range of 200-300 mg per day. Therefore, a single serving per day is okay.  When if exceeded there is no good at all.

What is bad of caffeine in coffee?


There are many side effects of using caffeine. Mainly most of the people like school students who are desperate on their studies, officers, late night workers and people with stress most of me feed them with coffee. But without knowing to them their stress level eventually increases. When the caffeine in your coffee adds into your blood circulatory system its compressors the blood vessels which you feel as you were active. Your heart beat becomes rapid with an irregular rhythm which is basically abnormal. 

Not only that but also it affects your visual; leading you to seeing flashes. It is not too good for your healthy eyes to get stressed out. If you keep continuing it your vision is going to be really bad over me. And also, the breathing rate gets increased than that of a normal person. Isn’t it a waste?

Other than those the serious case is done to your central nervous system which includes your brain and spinal cord. It develops anxiety for first and also this leads to sleep deprivation. Normally for a healthy person minimum 6 hours of sleeping is needed for him/her to feel beer and up. But for regular coffee drinkers the sleep is hard to come to them so they are following a day full of dizzy and anxious nature.


This condition is also called ‘Insomnia’. So, they naturally go behind another cup of coffee. Finally, it is another form of addiction. The silly part of it is that they trying hard to find a solution by doing the same mistake again. The worst – case scenarios will be a continuous headache may be leading you to suffer from migraine. So, the person is not active anymore.

And there is another effect relating to the water retention property of caffeine. Actually, caffeine in coffee is called as ‘water pills. Therefore, it causes a person for frequent urine on and simply your body lost fluids which may be leads to dehydration. So, a regular coffee in taker should make sure more on his/her body fluid levels.

But all of the above conditions depend on the health status of the individual. If he is with a poor health condition, the probability of causing the above illnesses is very high!

Scientific layout of coffee


Drinking caffeinated coffee almost effect some hormonal release of your body. Mainly this increases the levels of cortisol and epinephrine at rest. Basically, these are produced in the body for long term stress and short – term stress respectively. These help to raise the blood sugar level for more cellular energy production to face any fight or flight condition.

But in here when you are at rest just because you are addicted to coffee your hormonal level increases spontaneously for no reason. It’s a waste of cellular energy as well. Finally, due to this hormonal imbalance an acute stress condition develops. So, it’s like you are volunteering your body to get stressed out.

And also, studies have shown that it causes gastric reflux and heartburn in susceptible individuals. Furthermore, for calcium deficient individuals due to increase of calcium excretion the tendency of gain osteoporosis increases. And also, coffee drastically reduce iron absorption therefore anaemic patients should avoid coffee at least for 1-2 hours per meal.                   


As stated above individuals with weak health status must think twice when you get a serving of coffee. Despite there is another group who must be so careful.

Especially; when it comes to women trying to conceive or already pregnant, they are urged to stop drinking coffee. That is because they are at a high risk of losing their babies. Or even a woman with one miscarriage should avoid coffee.

During pregnancy as mother’s food cross over the placenta for fetal body the caffeine of your coffee also crosses over. So, it hinders the fetal development, affecting the brain and the central nervous system. So, the excess use of coffee increases the infertility rates. It’s always favourable to drink more water for them. And also, it sometimes causes premature births and more birth defects. So, isn’t it worth of avoiding coffee?

Other than those people who are prone to high blood pressure and following medications should also somehow avoid this.

Other than the health issues some people get addicted to coffee more.But it is always a good choice to avoid excessive drinking of coffee, but intake of more fluids like water with no harm and taking a good sleep. So, stop being sober up with coffee addiction because Coffee is bad for you! We hope that now you have the precise answer for the burning question, “is coffee bad for you?” So, it is time to think twice!

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